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If you have any concerns, comments, or ideas for our website, please leave a comment under our guestbook tab. We hope this will get the information to our members and families that request our presence. 

Notes to the NDPG:

8/16/2017 - The US Navy returned my uncle's remains from Pearl Harbor recently. The Patriot Guard were there to show support at the airport and were leaders at the funeral procession 300 miles away just two days later. Their presence, conduct, and commitment are a high point of vet pride for everyone and everywhere in the state. I don't know powerful enough words to express our thanks.   

Bill Fecho

9/17/16 - Just want to say thank you for your service in honoring our veterans. Thank you and your riders for seeing our hospice patients yesterday. They all truly enjoyed being honored. Ruben told me that he is willing to join your group, he has a motorcycle. :)

9/6/16 - I went to the Prayer Camp near Standing Rock recently and saw a man drive by on a motorcycle with 'North Dakota Patriot Guard' sticker over the front of his bike. I wanted to find out more about the Patriot Guard and wow, what you do is amazing, especially the soldiers that had marks on graves. It takes beautiful souls to help others in need. God bless and much love & respect.

5/18/16 - My wife and I stopped at the Four Corners monument in Arizona on our way back home to Wisconsin. There were two gentlemen wearing cycle riding gear there and we struck up a conversation. They asked if I would take their photo which I was more than happy to do. I was wearing my Marine Corps hat and they asked if I had served in Vietnam. I told them that I was in Nam for two years. 

One of the guys then presented me a large coin with Duty, Honor and Valor inscribed on it and proceeded to welcome me home and thanked me for my service. My wife teared up and started crying and I was unable to speak. I was able to mumble my thanks and I failed to ask them their names. 

I just wanted to write to your organization and thank you and the two men that made me realize that there are people out there that appreciate what all our vets have sacrificed for our great country. It is only the second time in 47 years that someone welcomed me home and made me proud of my time in the USMC. 

Thank You!!

I am a long time member of NY PGR (region1) and I'm contacting you in relation to Spc Tyler Orgaard & SFC Darren Linde.

I learned today of the loss of these fine men and unfortunately it will be to late to post a condolence message. There is a connection to NYS.

Hopefully the mission(s) went as well as possible but also know these missions are never easy.

The reason I'm contacting you is I am a care package coordinator and on the 28th of November I was given the mail address for the 818th En Co.

3 care packages were sent to the 818th with 2 containing DVDs(approx 300) and the 3rd was a package with handmade Christmas stockings(approx 400-500).

My hope is that the care packages will bring the unit some comfort during this difficult time to know that from far away in a different state they are being thought of and not forgotten.

We will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

I didn't see a PGR mission listed for SFC Linde but hope everything went well for his family

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Kovacik

"care pkg guy"


region 1

Thank you for Honoring Duane Haakenstad at his funeral service. It was truly appreciated by his family and friends.

Sincerely, Shirley & Family

Thank you for everything you do for us.

Al & Adeline Reis

I want to express my extreme gratitude to your organization. Attending the 2011 TAPS Sibling Retreat was nothing short of amazing!! Friday was spent at the Whipple Cattle Ranch. Riding horse & "dressing goals", steaks over the campfire & sharing stories. I was able to connect with many siblings. Saturday was a Scavenger hunt on that strip! So much fun. It was such a healing time for me. Your support was greatly appreciated. I can't say enough how much the Patriot Guard has done for me and my family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tenille Ehrmantrout Proud sister of Spc. Jon P. Fettig

Mark, Thank you so much for the flag flown on your bike. It truly means a lot to me. May all your miles be blessed.

Carmen Kleinwachter

We greatly appreciate your thoughtful gift to the Stark County Veterans Memorial. Your gift will help us reach our goal of constructing a beautiful memorial to all veterans of Stark County - past, present, and future - in honor of their dedicated service and sacrifice to the United States of America.

Dave Logosz - Stark County Veterans Memorial Association

We appreciate your thoughtful and generous gift to the Grand Forks Parks & Recreation Foundation. Your contribution will help ensure the preservation of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for all citizens of our community. Thank you very much for supporting the fund raising efforts for a new Veterans Memorial Park to represent the State of North Dakota. We look forward to providing updates as we progress towards its reality. Thanks for sharing!

Gary - Grand Forks Parks & Recreation Foundation

Our Legion Auxiliary wanted to express our thanks for the Patriot Guard and your affairs with the donation.

Wm Hanson Legion Auxiliary - Makoti, ND

A million thank you's to you and the other PG members that came out to support the plane side honors / honorable transfer of SSG Leblanc. Your continued support of our fallen Soldiers does not go unrecognized. Thank you again for all you do! I really do appreciate you all for taking the time out of your day!

Thank you, Danelle Wolnik

Thank you so much for your generosity and financial assistance in getting Tenille Ehrmantrout to the TAPS Sibling Retreat. I'm confident through the tears and laughter at this event she made many new friends and connections that will continue to support her and guide her through this most difficult journey of grief.

Thank you all so much for ALL that you do to support our Service Members, Veterans and especially of the Fallen and their families!

God Bless You all and God Bless America

Kristi Fetsch

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