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Our main presenter for this year's Memorial is D.C. Faber.D.C. Faber is CEO of Faber Group Synergy LLC, and is the creator of the Faber Post Trauma Model (FPTM) patent pending, a ground-breaking assessment as to how and why soldiers are “different” after war. The FPTM has also proven to effectively guide others who have experienced trauma toward understanding and healing. His diverse career paths and life experiences combined to set in motion these two innovative programs which have helped countless individuals and groups alike, and are the direct result of D.C.’s many years of leading, following, and practical experience.

D.C. is a retiredArmy officer who served a combined 20 years in the United States Army and Wyoming Army National Guard. Active duty was spent in Germany and Korea, and he received The Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge for service in Afghanistan. Major Faber has served as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at the University of Wyoming and has counseled thousands of young people in their life and career decisions. He holds the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Black Hills State University.

In Laramie, D.C. has been a house-parent at the Cathedral Home for Children, and later became a Community Service Officer with the Laramie Police Department. In 1995, D.C. began his career with the Laramie Fire Department where he held the positions of Firefighter/EMTII, Equipment Operator, Line Company Officer, Deputy Fire Marshal, and Instructor for the Front Range Fire Consortium. He retired from the Laramie Fire Department in 2010, as the Division Chief of Fire Prevention and Life Safety.

Go to for additional information regarding the FRTM program.

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