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Upcoming Missions:

August 1st, 2019
Upcoming mission for a Vietnam Veteran and fellow PGR member. Burial will be in Mountain ND. The spouse of Alfred H. Brown has requested the NDPG to provide a flag line to Honor her husband who was a Vietnam Vet and a member of the Arizona chapter of the PGR. The flag line will be at the cemetery in Mountain, ND.
Alfred H. Brown passed away from agent orange exposure last Feb 24th. Alfred was a dog handler at Ton San Nhut AB from March 1972 until April 1973. His dogs name was Lindy. He had to make the decision to have his dog euthanized or turn him over to the Vietnamese. He decided he didn't want to give his dog to the Vietnamese, so he had him put down and lived with that until the day he died. Al loved that dog and a part of him died when he put Lindy to sleep.
He was also a proud member of the AZ chapter of the PGR and it meant a lot to him to ride on missions and give respect for all of his brothers in arms. Al made 25 missions in AZ.
The time will be 1:00 pm on Aug 1st. So I will post info at that time.
Thank you Alfred H. Brown for your service to this great country. Rest in Peace you are a true Hero.
Also a Thank you to Lindy, a four legged Hero. RIP Lindy

Bruce Burgess, RC