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Request The ND Patriot Guard
We are honored to receive your request.
The NDPG attends funerals when invited by the fallen hero's family.  The NDPG has a strict policy that we will not contact any family to solicit our presence.  We realize that the loss of a loved one is a difficult time and we will not organize any participation until asked.  The request can be made from the family or their representative such as a funeral home employee or Casualty Assistance Officer.
At times we have a difficult time committing to all requests due to the NDPG being an all volunteer organization with many of its members having jobs and also due to many of the missions are short notice with limited information being provided to us however be assured we will give it our absolute best effort to accommodate all requests sent.  To help us attend please provide the information to us as early as possible.
Missions that we primarily attend are:
  • The Honor mission for someone currently serving in uniform
  • An Honor mission for a veteran
  • Military send offs and Welcome Home ceremonies
Below is a fill in form to complete for your request - once that is completed and sent you can also go to the Leadership page and click on a Ride Captain's name at the bottom of the page that is close to your area and let them know a request has been sent and also ask for them to call you.
What would you like the NDPG to provide for you?
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We will make every effort to honor your request and attend the Mission however due to being an all volunteer organization we may not be able to attend or if attending the participation may be limited to a small number of members.