North Dakota Patriot Guard - "Standing By"

Upcoming NDPG Events:

September 15-17, 2017
The NDPG has been invited to participate with the military families affected by the Global War on Terrorism for their remembrance weekend.  More information will be posted as it gets finalized.  What we have so far:

Friday- Stage at the Doublewood Ramada Inn with bikes/flags by 3:00pm.  Bikes will be staged at the front entrance to the hotel and a flagline will not be necessary.  Members will be able to mingle with the families as they arrive for the weekend in one of the banquet rooms inside until the program begins at 5pm.

Saturday- Escort the families/buses from the Doublewood Ramada to Ft. Lincoln, south of Mandan.  Stage at the hotel by 4:15pm.  Depart by 4:45pm. Upon arrival at Ft. Lincoln, members will be dismissed.

Sunday- Stage at the Doublewood Ramada Inn by 8:15am and escort the families/buses to the Keelboat Landing / Riverboat at 8:30am for their closing ceremonies.  Members will be dismissed upon arrival at the Riverboat and families embark.

RCIC:  Gerard Schwan

October 13-14, 2017
The NDPG has been invited to provide flag lines & escorts for the 164th Infantry Regiment reunion of their 75th anniversary of landing at Guadalcanal on October 13-14, 2017.  We will establish a flag line at the Bismarck Airport to greet the heroes at their FINAL recognition event for the 164th Infantry Regiment.  

Some members will arrive on Thursday afternoon/evening (12th) and others will arrive on Friday (13th).  As flight times are confirmed members will be notified. Escort times/location still being determined.

If you have not had the chance to be present at this event before you are surely missing a piece of history and witnessing the pride and respect of our WWII veterans.

Gerard Schwan
Ride Captain